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A brand is a voice

You've gotta be natural

The difference between style and fashion is quality

I want to be different, and fashion gives me that outlet to do that

Don't be afraid

by Hannah Lee and others

You've gotta be natural

Sed haec quidem liberius ab eo dicuntur et saepius. Et ille ridens: Video, inquit, quid agas; Tum ille timide vel potius verecunde.
Clothes Fashion 2 min read
by Hannah Lee

I always loved aesthetics

Quos nisi redarguimus, omnis virtus, omne decus, omnis vera laus deserenda est. Sed eum qui audiebant, quoad poterant. Materiam vero rerum et copiam apud hos exilem, apud illos uberrimam reperiemus.
Interview Vogue Fashion 2 min read
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